Theeye Integrations

Kubernetes manifests

Theeye agent manifests examples

Ensures that all nodes in the cluster run a copy of theeye-agent. Allows monitoring of all hosts in the kubernetes cluster(cpu, mem, disk), run tasks. Each new host added to the cluster will have a copy of theeye-agent.

Creates a single copy of theeye-agent in the cluster. Allows to execute monitors/tasks that require connection to endpoints only accessible from within the kubernetes cluster.

Required environmental variables to run the agent:

NODE_ENV = 'production'                                                                                                                                                      
THEEYE_SUPERVISOR_CLIENT_ID = get it from: menu => settings => credentials => clientID
THEEYE_SUPERVISOR_CLIENT_SECRET = get it from: menu => settings => credentials => client secret
THEEYE_SUPERVISOR_CLIENT_CUSTOMER = get it from: menu => settings => credentials => customer