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TheEye Notification Task

How to work with tasks and notifications.

The toolkit allows you to streamline the flow of notifications and trigger them.

The notifications can have different origins:

  • A script task, you can send your output parameters as input for a notification task.

  • An input task, allows an operator to load the parameters of the msg that will receive the notification task.

  • A notification can be part of a workflow.

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Notification Task details.

notification task form

This type of tasks are responsible for sending messages inside and outside theeye

UI Property API Property Type Description
Name name text an identification name for the task
Subject subject text subject to include in all the of notifications
Send Email notification boolean whether or not to send notification via email
Send Desktop notification (theeye desktop app) notificationTypes.desktop boolean whether or not to create an internal notification to theeye app desktop and mobile. If checked (true), this will create a new Notification in the App Notifications panel
Send To recipients text array the list of recipients. should be valid user emails and must be registered in theeeye
Tags tags text array list of tags. this is usefull to filte and search in theeye app
Description description text a description. this is added in workflows documentation and in the app ui
Triggers triggers Event array chain tasks events to create workflows
ACL's acl text array
Email Body body text, html formatted allowed this field is used if the send email is checked (true). else is ignored and won't be visible in the task form
Send Push notification (mobile) notificationTypes.push boolean whether or not to send mobile notification

Basic Usage

Click to download a sample Notification Task recipe to import into your workflow

Triggered by events

The notification task can be triggered by other task or monitor as shown below:

Triggered by Input task

The input task is responsible for getting the data that will be delivered to the notification task.

Check the Task input for more details.

Click to download the sample Input Task recipe to send notification

Triggered by Script task or monitor

This task is responsible for executing the code that generates the output required as input parameters for the notification task.

Check the Task scripts for more details.

Notification task's arguments

In order to work with dynamic arguments for a notification task, the script task must generate the output with the following format.

["subject","the email body raw text or html",""]

The 3 arguments are required. If you need to ignore one argument or prioritize the once set in the task definition, use an empty string ""

In this example, the third argument is ignored and the recipients from the task definition will be used.

["subject","the email body raw text or html",""]
Name Format Description
subject plain text this is the subject for all notifications configured to send in the task definition
body plain text/html this is the email body
recipients text/json array the destination user emails registered in theeye. could be a single email or an array of multiples emails

Click to download the sample Script Task to send notifications

Sample tasks for sending notifications

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