Script Task

The Web Popup Message allows to display a friendly message to the users when a task completes the execution.

When a user executes a task using the Web Application and he awaits for the task result, that user alone will receive a one-time message in the Web Application using a separted popup message box.

The message can be any string defined within the script. At this moment there are two flovours to choose:

  • A plain text message

  • A simple list of items

The Popup Message will also interprete web links and will make them clickeable.

To emit a plain text message using the popup message box, the task result should be defined as follow

    "popup_component": "Message with a clickable link:" 

To display a list, the value for popup_component property should be changed to an array

    "popup_component": [
      "Item 1",
      "Item 2",

Let's try some code


try {
  const name = process.argv[2]
  const data = [{
    "popup_component": "Hi " + name + ", visit our documentation for more information!"

  console.log( JSON.stringify( data ) )
} catch (e) {

You can download the recipe from this link.

Popup Recipe

Enable Popup

To enable this feature

  1. Open the task edition/creation form

  2. Go to the bottom and click Advanced Options

  3. The Result Popup option must be checked

Runtime Information

During runtime, you can access basic information of the job being executed via environment variables.

The information is storead as JSON Strings or as JSON encoded Key-Value structures. All the environment variables belonging to TheEye runtime are prefixed with THEEYE_ keyword

THEEYE_JOB (object)

Contains information of the current job.

Name Type Description
id string the id of the job. you can fetch the API with it
task_id string task definition id. can fetch the API with it


This is the user that executes the Task. This env will contain different values depending on how the task was executed.

  • Automatic Execution: the user will be always a internal bot user.
  • Play Button: When the task is executed via User Interface. This will be the user that pushed the Play Button.
  • API Calls: Api calls can be done using Integration Keys (bot user) or Access Tokens (human user). The user would be a bot or a human.
Name Type Description
id string the user id
email string the user email


When Tasks belongs to Workflows, this constains information of the Workflow.

Name Type Description
id string the workflow schema id
job_id string the workflow job execution instance


This is the default API URL.


This is the organization name or project running the current script.


Get user information from DOS / BAT scripts

The following script shows how to get user id and email information, it can be replicated to get information for THEEYE_JOB and THEEYE_JOB_WORKFLOW: Download Recipe