Monitor type:


Checks your Hosts' stats (health) and triggers alerts when thresholds are exceeded. You can set your own thresholds from the monitors panel.

stats monitor


Create a script and use the output log to monitor a state when other monitor does not suit your needs. This is an example script to check if a bridge is running.

script monitor

API/WEB check

Sends a request to and endpoint and checks for an expected answer. Custom payload and custom expected responses are allowed.

request monitor


Verifies that a process is running (e.g. daemon)

process monitor


A File monitor will upload a file to a server and ensure that the file remains as created in the destination path you provided. Most common use is to push a configuration file. The file can be updated at any time directly from the monitor box.


A nested monitor is a special monitor that contains other monitors. This kind of monitor will notify when all the contained monitors needs attention. You can create a nested monitor from the dashboard, using the "+" button.

nested monitor

Name your "nested Monitor" or copy an already created one. Add or remove the monitor you'd like to nest.

nested monitor setup

List monitors via API

Check the API Documentation for more details.