Indicator Icon

Indicator's panel

Indicators are shown at the top of the dashboard only when available.

Indicator kinds

  • Text
  • The indicator value is shown as typed. value accepts strings
  • Progress
  • The indicator value is shown in percent inside a bar, in the same way a progress bar does. value only accepts numbers
  • Counter
  • A numeric value is shown starting at one. This indicator has special special methods to increase, decrease and restart the value. value accepts only valid numbers

Indicators' properties:

  • title: The name that identifies the indicator
  • type: Indicator kind (valid indicator types are: progress/text/counter)
  • state: Normal or Failure. Status determines wether it is green(normal) or red(failure).
  • value: The factor or quantity to show
  • read_only: true | false. When set to false the indicator can be dismissed (deleted) from the Dashboard.
  • acl: users that will be able to see the indicator. Expects an array with users: ["email1","email2", ...]
  • severity: high| low. When set to HIGH the failure status will be shown in red, otherwise it will be shown in yellow.
  • description: description field that is not visible in the Dashboard.

Create an Indicator

Indicators can be created from dashboard from the "+" button:

Dashboard - Create Indicator