IAM Administration

Users's administration panel is only visible by a Full Priviledged User. Only available for enterprise implementations.

Drop down the arrow next to the Organization label to see the menu for:

  • [x] Organizations
  • [ ] Members
  • [ ] Users

core iam admin


core iam admin organization

Create Organization for new Bots

core iam admin

Fill in:

  • Name: Organization name. Cannot be changed once created.
  • Display Name: Organization name to show in the side panel. Can be changed after creation
  • Description: Short text that describes de business unit.
  • [x] Kibana enabled
  • [x] Elasticsearch enabled

core iam admin

Check Members that belog to an Organization

Search for the organizacion in the searchbar, click on the organization name in the results. You can edit/delete members directly by clicking on the three spots next to the user.

core iam admin organization members


  • [ ] Organizations
  • [x] Members
  • [ ] Users

Active Directory Members

Assign a User to an Organization in order to grant access to TheEye from the Members' panel. - > First of all make sure that the organization is already present. - > Check that the user belongs to the corresponding Theeye Group in the Active Directory, usually "Theeye_users".

Enable user for Login

  • [x] Enable user
  • [ ] Set Credential
  • [ ] Set an Organization

core iam admin members create

Define the user Credential (user/admin/manager/owner)

  • [ ] Enable user
  • [x] Set Credential
  • [ ] Set an Organization

core iam admin member create credential

Assign an Organization (where bots run)

  • [ ] Enable user
  • [ ] Set Credential
  • [x] Set an Organization

core iam admin member create customer


  • [ ] Organizations
  • [ ] Members
  • [x] Users

From the user's screen you will be able to, create, modify and delete users. The list is displayed by username.

core iam admin users

Create Local User (e-mail is required)

Only available for local users' creation.

Users that are member of an Active Directory Organizational Unit (OU) must not be created from this panel. All users that belong to an OU in Active Directory are automatically activated when invited from any of TheEye's Organizations.

core iam admin users new

Fill in:

  • Name: Full name
  • Username: The username to enter at login screen
  • Email: Valid email address
  • [x] Enabled: When checked user will be automatically activaded for activation process by email is bypassed. A new password for the user the will be required.

core iam admin new user modal

Modify User

First of all search for the user by username or email.

core iam admin users search

Click the three dots menu, next to the username you would like to modify.

core iam admin users ...

Click on edit/delete user:

core iam admin users ...