The Eye Bot

Manual Instalation from sources

Before Start

  • Is not mandatory, but your will get more benefits if you install the agent with admin privileges root administrator.
  • NodeJS
    • minimal v0.12 (can stopped working eventually).
    • v8 recommended
  • NPM
    • Part of the node toolkit.
    • Version 3 or higher

This how-to was written for Linux users. But if your platoform can run nodejs, then you can install the agente and will work. Please, contact us if you need support.

Step 1.

create a directory to contain the agent. we use /opt/theeye-agent

mkdir /opt/theeye-agent

Download the sources (lastest - production version).

cd /opt/; git clone

Step 2.

Create a configuration file using the default empty template

mkdir /etc/theeye; cp /opt/theeye-agent/misc/theeye/theeye.conf /etc/theeye/theeye.conf

Step 3.

Setup the configuration file

OPTIONAL. Get the agent version and update the config file with it. The will be reported from the web panel

git describe

This is the configuration file. You would get the values to fill in from the Web

# export all vars hereunder
set -a

# were to put the downloaded scripts

# Execution logging level. Don't change in production unless you know what are doing.
# If you need to increase debug level check this link for more information
# Link:
# default is to output only errors

# You will probably need this to be reported.
# If you download the source get the version with `git describe` and update

# This is the api url. You will need one.

# If you need to use a proxy, it is time to set it

# Environment

Step 4.

Install dependencies

cd /opt/theeye; npm install

Step 5.

Run the agent.

cd /opt/theeye; ./

Optional Arguments.

Optional arguments are passsed via shell environment.


If you want to use any option as a default settings, you can set it in the config file.

More Options.

to set a custom hostname. this will be used to register the agent and the host agains the api. hostname-customer combination MUST be unique.


Offline Installation

Step 1.

Download the sources linux agent 64.

cd /opt/; sudo tar -xvf ./theeye-agent64.tar.gz

Step 2.

create a configuration file using the default empty template

mkdir /etc/theeye; cp /opt/theeye-agent/misc/theeye/theeye.conf /etc/theeye/theeye.conf

Step 3.

run /opt/theeye-agente/