The Eye Bot

An Agent is an autonomous software installed on an Organization Host, it is also known as Bot. It main responsibility is to execute Tasks and complex Workflows and report the execution result back to the orchestrator. It also report the Host status and health (aka: Health Monitor or dstat) to the orchestrator. The Agent works as interface and comunication between the Host and TheEye Core

The recommenden is to install and configure the Agent as Service/Daemon.


From the web panel (settings -> installer) you can download the binary agent and get the installation script for your host.


full list for install

Linux Bot Installer

At this moment the supported distributions by the instalation script are

The Bot is fully funtional in:

- Redhat/Centos 6+

- Ubuntu 12+


- The installation script assumes that root access is granted.
- It should works out of the box on every Linux with a kernel version 3.x+. For Linux with Kernel 2.x could require aditional actions.

To install the Bot on Linux

linux install

Manual Instalation from sources Check the documentation.

Windows Bot Installer


- The installation script assumes that administrator access is granted
- Powershell V5.0 or greater is installed.

If you need to debug, develop or if you prefer the manual installation of the agent, keep reading.

To install the Bot on Windows

windows install

Docker Bot Installer

To run a Docker version of the Bot

docker install

AWS Bot Installer

To install the AWS Bot

AWS install